How much Coverage do we need?

How much coverage you need depends on the sort of wedding day you are planning.  If you are having a religious ceremony at a place of worship at one location and then having a reception elsewhere, then 12 hours will likely capture the travel, getting ready of both the bride and groom, ceremony, Couples portrait session, bridal party portrait session, family formal photos, cocktail hour,  reception and party.   If your ceremony and reception are at the same location, then 10 hours will be enough coverage to capture everything you’d want to cover with an abbreviated portrait sessions.  If you have one location for getting ready, ceremony and reception, then 8 hours will be enough to make memories that will last a lifetime.


You will find there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer and it can be overwhelming.   Here’s my 3 tips to finding the right photographer:

Do you like their portfolio?

A photographer is going to show the work they are most proud of on their website.  So, when looking through the images, if you are not liking the images then that’s a good sign that they are probably the wrong choice.

Does the budget make sense?

Couples are at a disadvantage when they budgeting a wedding –  because they have little to no experience on planning a wedding.  It might be worth the time to sit down and think through each part of the wedding and decide if it’s important enough to spend money on.   A photo booth can be fun but will you really look back on those pictures in 25 years?   Vinyl floor coverings with your initials are lovely but they immediately get marked up and does anyone really notice?   Photographs are something tangible that you will always look to help you remember that amazing day, something that when your grandkids look at your wedding album, might say, wow, I look like Granny!  Budget enough for the things that are important, that will endure.

Do you like your photographer?

You will spend more time with your photographer on you wedding day than with anyone else – except your fiancé!  Your photographer is around your friends and family all day and really is a reflection of how well you planned your wedding.   Before you choose, take a little time to get to know your photographer, take them out for a drink, interview them, see if you like that person and if you can imagine them being around all your loved ones all day.  It will make a big difference on how much you enjoy your day.


Do you also do videography?

Short Answer is No- but I can recommend some great videographers.   Videography and Photography are linked because the same equipment is used – but the skillset is very different.  Photography is all about engaging with clients to capture special moments, directing the clients in a way where they still look like themselves, in their best light.  Typically, a good photography has lots of energy, is not shy and can quickly adjust to changing circumstances.   Videography is more about documenting the events of the day, and often has a different personality and certainly very different skills.  I’ve found Videographers are often quieter – even silent as they capture not just moving images but sound, as well.  I think videographers do amazing things with video but it is a rare person who can do both video and photography well.   I leave videography to the experts.  I would apply the same 3 tips above to find the perfect photographer to video.